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CELLO 23’ Olesya Morhunets Ukraine 2014

A woman and a man meet in a nice autumn day in the middle of Crimean steppe. The random meeting is a result of an accidents we figure out in the end.

COUNTERPART 20’ Adrian Sitaru United Kingdom 2014

A young estate agent lives in a flat with his girlfriend, a former stripper. They spend most of their time sun-bathing or having sex. But someone is watching them from a home across the street.

HARVEST 10’ Chaja and Nir Hertog & Nadler Netherlands 2013

An abnormal phenomenon occurs in an olive grove as one of the trees suddenly shakes its branches rapidly, thereby evoking an uprising. As the natural protest rises, a police squad rallies through the landscape and seeks to suppress the rebellion. This film is inspired by the ancient labour of olive harvest, which encompasses both cultivation and aggression at the same time.

WHERE WE ARE 14’ Ilker Çatak Germany 2013

Christina has lost custody of her daughter as a result of her heroin addiction. In a desperate attempt she and nine-year-old Paula try to leave the old life behind…

OPTIMISM 14’ Jean-Gabriel Périot France 2013

I would take your arm and we would leave together. No matter where we would go, no matter what we would do, we would have nothing to lose.

WHITE MORNING 12’ Paul Barritt UK 2013

A short film about the violence of little boys and little men.

SKIN 13’ Cédric Prévost France 2013

A young woman and a dropout coming face-to-face in the deserted corridors of the Paris Metro as the last train pulls out will soon discover that they are not as remote from each other as appearances suggest…

THE ORDINARY THINGS 20’ Oleksandr Ratiy Ukraine 2014

Story about female friendship. They are in their early 60s and one of them has recently died.

MORE THAN TWO HOURS 15’ Ali Asgari Iran 2013

It’s 3 AM, a boy and a girl are wandering in the city. They are looking for a hospital to cure the girl, but it’s much harder than they thought.

BANG! BANG! 12’ Julien Bisaro France 2014

Bang! Bang! It’s hunting season. As well as Eda’s 25th birthday. As a present, her father offers her an apartment under seizure. Enjoy…Eda flees. She drives fast. Too fast. A pink dog gets caught in her headlights, causing an accident. Frightened by the strange animal, she escapes the scene. She literally takes to the woods, those primal grounds where her father is meanwhile leading the hunt. A prey among other preys, Eda will have to find the strength to finally confront her father.

SEA VIEW 24’ Anna Duffield, Jane Linfoot UK 2013

Jess and Jason meet at the bus station of a seaside town, seeing each other in daylight for the first time. What at first seemed exciting, forbidden, and divinely careless soon threatens to be a regretful experience for both. This is not how things were meant to be.

STEW & PUNCH 16’ Simon Ellis United Kingdom 2013

A housewarming party with beef stew and much punch spirals out of control when the host couple become involved in some light-hearted arm wrestling.

PRIDE 30’ Pavel Vesnakov Bulgaria Germany 2013 

Manol, a retired grandfather, is a patriarch of firm morals and fixed beliefs which he has always upheld in his household. But on this day he learns that the boy he’s raised is gay. The life choices of his loved ones challenge his values in a battle he has lost by default.

TRYOUTS 14` Susana Casares United States 2013

Being a teenager isn’t easy, especially for Nayla, a Muslim-American girl who wants to join her new high school’s cheerleading squad.

KILLING AUNTIE 30’ Mateusz Głowacki Poland 2013

Jurek is 23 years old and he is a history student. He lives with his loving auntie, who raises him and supports him. Feeling that she is a cause and a symbol of his existential boredom, monotony and malaise, he reaches for the hammer… But will his life without his aunt reach brighter colours? Killing Auntie is a movie about fighting your own demons, based on an unfinished novel written by Andrzej Bursa in 1957.

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