International Competition Program

Competitive international films will be screened in three blocks. On May 22  at 7 PM  and May 23 at 5 PM and 9 PM in Lviv Art Palace in the green room. Movies in alphabetical order. The all program of the festival. Tickets online or in anticafe Communa 24/7.

Program of the films

ART 19 Adrian Sitaru Romania 2014

After a casting session, two filmmakers found the perfect 14-year-old girl to star in their new movie. Now, they have to convince the reluctant mother to let her daughter play the role of a sexually abused child. What follows is a witty argumentation on proper parenting and on the abuses and sacrifices made in the name of great works of art.

BIRTHDAY PRESENT 26′ Guy Lichtenstein Austria 2014

On their last night together, Clara, a young Austrian tourist, and Tomer, an Israeli student, find themselves on the search for the ‘Morning after pill’ through the streets of diversified Jerusalem.It’s his birthday and her last night in Jerusalem when something unexpected happens.

BURDEN’S WEIGHT 22′  Viviane Andereggen Germany 2014

Konrad shoots one of two man who robbed his jewelry store. He is released upon his right of self-defense. But as his personal guilt strangles him, he learns that the second offender is closer to him than suspected. Based on a true story.

CUPCAKE 14’ Jane Magnusson Sweden 2014

Cupcake is a film about being separated, by force. Lena and Karin have known each other for six years. They are extremely close, but due to their pasts and various external circumstances their relationship must end.

CUTAWAY 7 Kazik Radwanski Canada 2014

Cutaway portrays a phase in the life of a single young man as he works as a labourer, pursues relationships with women, and comes to terms with a life changing event. Told through close details of hands and objects, this film intimately portrays uncertainty and loss.


Young Michael is taken out for his last day of freedom by his Uncle Duncan. Despite the fun line-up that his uncle has laid on for him, Michael cannot forget where he’s finally going that day. As events unfold, he realises what’s at stake and that his Uncle is leading him down a one-way path.

FATHER 18 Lotfi Achour  Tunisia 2014

Hédi is a taxi driver in Tunis. One evening he drives to hospital a pregnant young woman who is going into labor. This brief encounter will bring a series of random, tragic and unexpected events, leading to a life-changing experience for both of them.

FUTILE GARDEN 19  Ghazaleh Soltani Iran 2014

The family, all four of them, ride through the long, dreary chaos of the bustling heart of the city and over the hills. There a young man waits to sell them a dream.

JACKET 9 Patrick Vollrath Austria 2014

Boy meets Girl! It could be love. But there is this jacket, too. And the jacket will change everything.

MONDIAL 2010 19 Roy Dib Lebanon 2014

A film on love and place told through the lens of a Lebanese couple who take a road trip to Ramallah in the West Bank. Recorded with their camera as they chronicle their journey, we are invited through the couple’s conversations into the universe of a fading city.

LOVE YOU 15 Nariman Aliev Ukraine 2014

The story takes place in Crimea. A young Crimean Tatar bоy Aziz falls in love with a Russian girl Masha. Their parents will stop at nothing to separate them.

SHIPWRECK 15 Morgan Knibbe Netherlands 2014

On three October 2013, a boat carrying 500 Eritrean refugees sunk off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. More than 360 people drowned. Abraham, one of the survivors, walks through a graveyard of shipwrecks and vividly remembers the nightmarish experience. Meanwhile at the harbor, hundreds of coffins are being loaded onto a military ship.

SONS 17 Isabella Karhu Finland 2014

The story of three quarrelsome brothers, whom are all united once more under the roof of their childhood home to confront each other and a looming tragedy in their family.

THAT DAY OF THE MONTH 30 Jirassaya Wongsutin Thailand 2014

Goy and Lee are best friends. Their periods come on the same day every month. One day, Goy finds her period doesn’t come on the same day as Lee’s for the first time.


NYC mom Sayeeda Porter is proud of her son Cory, who is serving in the Middle East, but she does everything she can to avoid the two Army officers who arrive at her apartment door. The news can’t be good.

THE SATANIC THICKET – 1  29 WIlly Hans Germany 2014

The chicken is slaughtered, the song is sung, the lake is crossed and the female hitchhiker never knew where she was heading in the first place. One thing is for certain: It’s no easy task to try and understand other people.

THUNDERBIRDS 22 Léa Mysius France 2014

Antonin and Leonor are hunting the lark. He is as submissive as his sister is voracious. One day, a dog attacks them.

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