Independent Filmmaking Cooperation during the war time

round table

August 5, Friday, 2 pm
Lviv Art Palace

War conflicts, informational wars, fights for influence. We live in time of great events and horrible, everyday tense. Culture as an transformational instrument of society and re-thinking of life vectors are important as never before. Especially cinema is probably the most  accessible transmitter of senses, which is close to us and understandable. But is co-production and cooperation possible\necessary between independent filmmakers till the shootings in the east are over?

Andrej Annenskij, a director, a producer of the films “Innocent Saturday”, “My Good Hans” (Russia)

Kateryna Slipchenko, a film and art critic, an cultural editor of (Ukraine)

Philip Sotnychenko, a director of the films “Hug”, “Son” (official selection of Clermont-Ferrand ISFF), “Nail” (Ukraine)

Daria Badior, a film critic, a member of FIPRESCI and the Ukrainian Oscar Committee (Ukraine)

Olha Raiter, a producer, a director of Lviv ISFF Wiz-Art (Ukraine)

Andrij Bondarenko, a journalist, a cultural critic (Ukraine)

Maria Guskova, a film director (Russia)

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