Independent Filmmaking Cooperation

round table

August 5, Friday, 2 pm
Lviv Art Palace

round tableWar conflicts, informational wars, fights for influence. We live in time of great events and horrible, everyday tense. Culture as an transformational instrument of society and re-thinking of life vectors are important as never before. Especially cinema is probably the most  accessible transmitter of senses, which is close to us and understandable. But is co-production and cooperation possible\necessary between independent filmmakers till the shootings in the east are over?

Kateryna Slipchenko, a film and art critic, an cultural editor of (Ukraine)

Philip Sotnychenko, a director of the films “Hug”, “Son” (official selection of Clermont-Ferrand ISFF), “Nail” (Ukraine)

Daria Badior, a film critic, a member of FIPRESCI and the Ukrainian Oscar Committee (Ukraine)

Olha Raiter, director of Lviv ISFF Wiz-Art (Ukraine)

Andrij Bondarenko, a journalist, a cultural critic (Ukraine)

Maria Guskova, a film director (Russia)

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