Feeling of home and belonging to society is often formed apart from it. You need to pass your own road if you don’t want to become a hostage of your own mind. The path to yourself is always thorny and goes through moments of decay, searches for meaning and sense, but those who search will definitely find their way home.

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Program of the Films

UKRAINIAN LESSONS 30’ Ruslan Batytskyi Ukraine 2013

The appearance of a young teacher shakes a degraded mining town from its sleepy trance. When the sparks of feeling ignite between her and a young miner, the local youths, battered by the violence all around them, respond with animal aggression and rage. In the fight against otherness, evil takes on magnificent, baroque forms…


BLOOD SAUSAGE 23’ Arkadii Nepytaliuk Ukraine 2016

Andrii’s parents butchered a pig to make traditional Ukrainian meal, blood sausage, for Masha, their future daughter-in-law. They want to meet her as their own, to cook the best meal they can – a dish made of pig blood. But Masha is Jewish. And no one knows about it except Andrii.


THE ROAD BACK 10’ Oleksandr RatiI Ukraine 2012

The story of a man who is born in the past century and millennium. In the city and state which are not on the map anymore. He always comes back in town in which there are only two maternity hospitals, two industrial plants and two cemeteries. What for / why?


REVE TA STOHNE ON TOUR 30’ Nadia Parfan Poland-Ukraine 2017

How far can you go on the way to your dream? Zhenia and Maks stopped going to the office and took up music seriously. Their band is called Reve ta Stohne. The guys do growl singing and dream of becoming real rock stars. However, for a start they need a music video and a studio album. And most of all they need money to pay for them. In search of income, Reve ta Stohne travels to the West.


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