Grzegorz Dębowski (Poland): films and Q&A

GRZEGORZ DĘBOWSKI – screening and talk with a film director

debowskiWriter and director. Graduated from the National Filmschool in Lodz. Author of shorts (documentary and fiction) screened all over the world. Asistant director and co-worker of many noble filmakers like Paweł Pawlikowski (on Ida) and Martha Coolidge. Working on his feature debut. He would like to make movies with cooperation of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

38,5 10’ Grzegorz Dębowski Poland 2009

Mariusz want’s to become a professional boxer, but there is one obstacle – he is too light. Short documentary about dreams and adolescence.

FROM THE LIFE OF SCARECROWS 17’ Grzegorz Dębowski Poland 2012

A long, long time ago in a faraway land called Poland, there lived a woman called Grazyna, who wouldn’t grow up. She had mother, father and a sister – an evil sister… The film was inspired by a true story and fairy tales by H.Ch. Andersen.

CHANGE FOR WINTER TIME 28’ Grzegorz Dębowski Poland 2015

Elderly couple goes to the registry office to get divorce, beсause husband changed his mind…

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