Great Short Films

Great Short Films presented by Olexandrt Dovzhenko National Centre

Short classics of Ukrainian poetic cinema. Underestimated and neglected, prohibited dusty on the shelves. Films that changed the art landscape of Ukraine.

Duration 90 min.

Curator Ivan Kozlenko

location – Yard of Lviv City Council (Ploscha Rynok, 1)

Free entrance

CHILDREN AND PIGEONS 3’ Oleksandr Muratov 1954

Director shot this film when he was second year university student. This is an etude about children playing with pigeons – plainness of childhood.

THE PICHER GOES OFTEN TO THE WELL 6’ Leonid Bykov 1961  Artel “Thick rope” engaged twisting three thin cords into one, sends its products to artel “Thin rope” through accounting of district store, bypassing its counters. Thin rope then moves in the opposite direction, passing the same entities.

SHE, WHO STEPS IN THE SEA 3’ Leonid Osyka 1965

Short poetic parable about the beginning of human life. Little girl is playing on the beach, and it spreads to her as a free poetic element of life. There is aduldhood next to the beach, routine, prose.

INTERMISSION 15’ Borys Ivchenko 1966

Full of melancholy legendary debut film by Borys Ivchenko tells a piercing story of circus clown. Funny and sad at the same time, he is always alone and not recognized by public. Sad clown hides under his makeup doubts and vulnerability.

KYIV MURALS 14’ Sergiy Parajanov 1966

Not finished film by Parajanov is entirely built on contrasts: texture, sound, color, type. After filming the audition, studio management decided to stop shooting an “impressionistic film pierced with the pacifistic ideas.” There is only 15 minutes left from the film.

CHILD 19’ Mykola Maschenko 1967

World War II. During the fighting in defense of the Soviets girl finds that she is behind the echelon. Soldiers rush to deliver four years old Tanya to the nearest station, but on their way they enter into battle with Germans. Defenseless child is between the two rival parties.

THIEF 10′ Roman Balayan 1969

Thirst and hunger push the country boy – seemingly – to an innocent act: he drinks fresh milk straight from the neighbor cow. But the local rich family regards this act as a crime: they decide to teach him a good lesson.

ROLE 20′ Volodymyr Bortko 1972

Children of mediocre actor witness a professional crash of their father’s career. Forced to play casual roles, he concludes that his role as a father was played the same bad.

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