Genaration spirit

What should we call “my generation”?

FEST 2′ Nikita Diakur Germany 2018
Footage from a block party.

8 HOURS 21′ Lena Shulika Ukraine 2018
The average working day lasts 8 hours. Third of the day. How do we spend this time?

A Swedish couple is on a wellness trip in the Austrian mountains, but after an argument, Aron’s girlfriend leaves, and slams the door behind her. Now, Aron is looking for his girlfriend but can’t find her anywhere. He dives into the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort and drifts along until the question arises if Aron is looking for his girlfriend or really himself.

HUNGER 21′ Kenneth Karlstad Norway 2017
A sixteen year old boy with an intense desire for recognition seeks out a vicious criminal to prove his boundless grit.

LEER 8′ Thomas Bos Nertherlands 2018
In the dancefilm Leer (Leather) we observe Hank. Hank has problems. Hank does not fit in. Riding his motorcycle enables him to clear his mind. Above 130 everything becomes black and white.During his nightly drives his thoughts and reality become deeply entwined. Hank is no longer sure if his experience is real or not, but he is sure of one thing: if you twist the throttle far enough, no one will hear you cry in your helmet.

MANIVALD 12′ Chintis Lundgren Estonia 2017
Manivald, a fox, is turning 33. Overeducated, unemployed and generally uninspired, he lives with his overbearing, retired mother. It is an easy life, but not a good one. This unhealthy co-dependence changes when the washing machine breaks down and a sexy wolf repairman arrives to fix it – and them.

THE AMOROUS INDIES 5′ Clément Cogitore France 2017
The Krump dance was born in the Los Angeles ghettos after the 1995 riots. The director creates a rap battle between urban culture and Rameau’s music on the Bastille Opera stage

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