Forever Young

Free special screenings ‘in the blocks’, Forever Young and Tenage Revenge in Zboyishcha, Levandivka and also in the city Mediateque Library on Mulyarska street.

17.00 – special program “FOREVER YOUNG”

Counting clockwise is a convention that keeps in suspense. The length of time, the value of experience, sincerity of feeling. Everything is relative. There is only one important thing – the ability to live.

location: Narodnyy Dim Zboyischa (Murovana, 32) and Narodnyy Dim Levandivka (Schyroka, 1)

THE TENANT 25’ Nadege Loiseau France 2013

The story of Nicole and her family, she finds out that she is pregnant at age 54…

SELF PORTRAIT 7’ Thomas Colton The Netherlands 2012

The famous painter Rembrandt is struggling with his self-portrait. He is losing control over it as it literally takes over his life.

ALCOHOLIC 32’ Yuliya Honcharuk Ukraine 2012

From an early age Alina, abandoned by her mother, lives in a dark world of confusion and despair. But the girl accidentally sees the announcement about recruitment into a children’s dance group “Vinochok”. And in her heart hope appears …

GRANNY LANE 3’ Daniel Dugour The Netherlands 2012

Unwillingly, Anny, an old granny with a little electric car, starts a race with two young car tuners. Even with all their tuning and aggressive driving, the two boys cannot win against the old lady.

ONE SONG 29’ Catalina Molina Austria 2012

Father by day and musician by night; as a single parent, Coni barely gets by. A faded photograph is the only reminder of his daughter’s mother. But one day, shortly after Coni seems to be over her, she shows up again.

HELDENKANZLER 13′ Benjamin Swiczinsky Austria 2011

Movie is based on the true story of Engelbert Dollfuss, who tried to inforce his fashist dictatorship in Austria in the 1930ies.

COME WHAT MAY 17’ Maxim Feyers France 2013

After a call from his wife, Paul is turned upside down…

Duration 126 min.

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