Festival Hits

Here we’ve gathered current and resonant winners and participants of a number of festivals. All of them are characterized by the simple word “daring”.


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NEGATIVE SPACE 5’ Max Porter France 2017

My dad taught me how to pack.


GAZE 15’ Farnoosh Samadi Italy 2017

On her way back from work a woman witnesses something happening in the bus and she has to decide if she reveals it or not.


A GENTLE NIGHT 15’ Qiu Yang China 2017

In a nameless Chinese city, a mother with her daughter missing, refuses to go gentle into this good night.


SHADOW ANIMALS 21’ Jerry Carlsson Sweden 2017

Marall follows her parents to a party and they want her to behave. As the evening progresses she finds the adults’ behaviour increasingly strange. Everyone at the party is trying to fit in, but not everyone succeeds. Marall also seems to be the only one seeing the shadow circulating inside the house.
Shadow animals is a dance-based drama about the discovery of human behaviour.


SAND 4’ Arjan Brentjes Netherlands 2017

You get up at five, eat your vitamins, take some water with your coffee, work for a few hours, eat your omegas and flavonoids, work a little more, get some exercise and then take a shower. But don’t bother trying to wash the sand out of your hair.


THE BURDEN 14’ Niki Lindroth von Bahr Sweden 2017

An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones. The story is divided into four episodes that take place in a supermarket, a long-term hotel, a call center and a hamburger restaurant.


THE RABBIT HUNT 12’ Patrick Bresnan USA 2017

In the Florida Everglades rabbit hunting is a rite of passage for young men, practiced since the early 1900s. The Rabbit Hunt follows a family as they hunt in the fields of an industrial sugar farm.


WAVE 14’ Benjamin Cleary, T. J. O’ Grady Peyton Ireland 2017

Upon waking from a coma Casper can suddenly only speak a language spoken by one other person in the world. And it turns out these two don’t like each other very much.


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