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LITTLE YUGOSLAVIA 16’ Nikola Ilic Switzerland 2013

This is the multi-faceted portrait of a motley group of people from ex-Yugoslavia who emigrated to Switzerland over the last 40 years. But – have they truly arrived? Much as they might praise and appreciate the advantages of living in Switzerland, they have kept their traditions of old and live a life of yearning and nostalgia in their own separate canton, the „Canton of Yugoslavia“.

THINGS CHANGE 3’ Martine Asselin Canada 2014

Trying to revisit her pre-baby days by taking a trip to China, the filmmaker realize how much she has changed.

GOOD MORNING RESISTANCE 20’ Adrián Orr Spain 2013

Very realistic, almost a morning ritual long, we observe a father getting his children up and ready for school.

ZIMA 11’ Cristina Picchi Russia 2013

A portrait of a season, a journey through North Russia and Siberia, a reality where the boundary between life and death is almost nonexistent, where civilization both fights and embraces nature and its millenarian rules. A reflection on life, adaptation and the immutable cycles of existence.

I LOVE HOOLIGANS 13’ Jan-Dirk Bouw Netherlands 2013

A football hooligan feels unconditional love for his club. However, being gay, he has to hide his identity. A story of unconditional love.

LISA, GO HOME! 28’ Oksana Buraja Lithuania, Estonia 2012

Little Lisa is always running away. Her life is dismal and violent, so she takes refuge in nature, where she creates a fantasy world where games, music and magic reign. Her imagination is so fertile that she is able to survive the endless drinking binges going on at home.

Duration – 91 min.

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