Dirty Little Secrets

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THIRTEEN AND HALF MINUTES 15’ Georgina Hegedűs Hungary 2013

A young woman named Adél crashes her bicycle into Lörinc’s car, and he is forced to stay with her for the thirteen minute interval before the ambulance arrives in order to keep her awake and conscious.

HAIR 9’ Delphine Hermans Belgium 2013

A funny portrait of hair lovers. Seductions, disappointments, fantasies…

TRIANGLES OF HAPPINESS 12’ Jannik Dahl Pedersen Denmark 2014

It is a hyper-realistic comedy about the financial crisis, facades and family life.

Hanne and Carsten are desperately trying to keep up with the illusion of a happy family life to their nosy neighbors. They used to be just like everyone else in suburbia, but the financial crises hit the family hard. But how do you keep up with the illusion of a happy life in times of crisis. Financial crisis.

ALFRED 3’ Alona Stuliy Ukraine 2011

What can happen to a little boy at night in the big old house? But what if this boy is Alfred Hitchcock?

SHORT BARREL 15’ Alejo Serra Spain 2014

Javier is always there, even though no one takes any notice of him. His days go by in a void. Without longing for or desiring anything. Only the discovery of something extraordinary can make him change his life, turning him, in the end, into a whole man.

WEDDING CAKE 9’ Viola Baier Germany 2013

Two marzipan figures come to life on top of a wedding cake and start to sculpt the perfect marriage out of cake icing. And success! Everything seems sweet and perfect: they try to please each other and make each other happy. But discontent soon sours the atmosphere. At first, they manage to find compromises, but the more insignificant the disputes get, the less they are willing to compromise until nobody is willing to give in anymore.

SCREWED 13’ Lorenza Indovina Italy 2013

For the first time ever, Matteo has cheated on his wife Mara, who is on vacation, and spent a night of wild, steamy sex with Angela, whom he recently met by chance. He awakens with a headache and a satisfied memory of the night. But a message from the wife tells him that she is coming back home because of a hitch and leave him prey to panic.

FIRST STEP 20’ Aurélien Laplace France 2014

Travel agent Eric dreams are right across the street: the sight of a beautiful young woman leaving her apartment building each morning sends him sailing away from his dreary routine. When he abruptly learns about his transfer, he decides to take the first step…

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