Dare to see

Blurriness is the defining feature of our trembling epoch. Well, the very frames we see clearly, they are juicy and sexy, yet this does not guarantee visibility.

We are confident: in order to see, we need to distance ourselves. We should not be afraid to take a few steps into the unknown and be prepared that the blurred object within our sight is actually us — today’s embodiment of humanity. Hoping that all of it is “just like in the movies” and everything will pass sooner or later — like in a good fairytale — we stride towards the future. 

The turbulence is constantly there in our lives, it influences our choices of program, visual style and message. It would be funny to say that we are apolitical. 

Wiz-Art is made by people who experience crises on the daily. Throughout our lives, several revolutions took place and now there is a war with Russia. The recent change of government in Ukraine and the comeback of the all so familiar populists both here and in numerous European countries shocked us equally.

Sluggish cultural politics that lasted for many years and the lack of critical thinking are among the most important reasons why our project is still necessary. This is a personal choice and a political one.

Our program is organized in such a way, so as to communicate with the viewer in the first place, our aim is not to compete for world premieres or star guests. We hunt for sense. The arrangement of films, that is the arrangement of ideas lets us form a direction of thought. Populism, refugees, human rights and the eternal question of ‘to be or not to be’ — all found their way here. Postcolonial or imperial way of thinking, the digital revolution, intrusion into people’s personal lives through media and heated struggles in society also found a place in our this year’s program.

Blurriness is the defining feature of our trembling epoch and cannot be ignored. We do not promise that after watching the films from this year’s program you will concentrate and understand the world. Still, you should, as we do, dare to do it.


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