I’m with you

We are here to tell you one simple thing: I’m with you.

We are here to share ideas and meanings, created through cinema by the bravest.

We are here to create a space for conversation.

For 13 years we have been in touch and kept our hand on the pulse of time, to see and understand more. We have watched films that made us smile and outraged us, made us feel warm or break out in cold sweat, inspired or provoked. Those that, it seems to us, decode the human life.

You know, this year there won’t be a festival in the way that we’re used to. No big screens or dark cinema halls. No ticket counter, no queues to enter the screening, no random meetings with friends, no direct communication in close proximity. No handshakes. Still, there will be something else.

Throughout 2020, we’ve felt alone and even lonely, felt how it is to be scared of ordinary people and helpless in the face of the unknown. We are alive, yet we do not completely understand what it is to be here and now.

The world is changing and it never stops surprising us. Personal and creative freedom has shifted to be the number one value. But freedom is first of all responsibility. Responsibility for yourself and others. It is only up to us, whether the pandemic, efforts of populist governments and dictators will succeed in turning us backward in time or, on the contrary, will make us more conscious and unite everyone to create a better tomorrow.

So, be in touch, high five, and let us all hug tight, even if it’s online. Find a quiet and dark spot in your home cinema. Let’s watch some films together offline — even if it’s not in large cinema halls, but still, among your own.

Let’s meet, let’s talk, let’s find time to be silent together.

We need one another as never before.

In the face of danger, we once again remember how strong we are when we unite and trust each other. So trust us.

I’m with you.

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