Cry but shoot

National Non-Competition Screening. DARING UKRAINIAN SHORTS

LAST VISITOR 21′ Oleksandr Shkrabak 2015

The main character works as a bartender. The bar isn’t closed until the last guest. He’s forced to tolerate with different drunk people, to earn money for the treatment of his daughter. But this time the last visitor is qute strange, claiming he’s a true angel. Will the bartender believe an angel?

VIRGINS 16’ Viktoria Zhukova, Yurij Katynskyi Ukraine 2016

Two guys meet a girl named Alice. She knows about one cool place but entrance there is expensive. It’s not problem for boys. They don’t have any problems, exept the one, that must be urgently resolved.

ENCOUNTER 11’ Zhanna Ozirna Ukraine 2016

The war conflict makes Ihor move to another city at a peaceful territory. Here he finds hope for relationships and a new life. But war is not easy to run away from.

70 STREETS 7′ Max Lyzhov Ukraine 2016

When Brovary village officially became a town, one third of its residents were communist. After 60 years and three revolutions such proportion didn’t change: thirty percent of its streets keep the names of the former empire.

BRIDGE 8’ Oksana Nosach, Olena Moskalchuk, Dmytro Burko Ukraine 2016

Is it possible that a part of cityscape is a living entity? Just like a human being it has its birth and death, its life filled with events, its fate and the abandoned decline. This is the Rybalsky cable bridge. And these are its memories.

INSOMNIA 8’ Max Madonov Ukraine 2014

This film is a journey into the mind of the director, a young Ukrainian man, who was abroad, when the war in his home country has started.

LIGHT BREATHING 11’ Margarita Kurbanova Ukraine 2016

The film is about a young girl, schoolgirl. She stands out among classmates with her pure heart and love of life. She hears birds and doesn’t fear the opinions of others. She is open to the world, but it is too early…

GOLDEN LOVE 12′ Pavlo Ostrikov Ukraine 2016

Lack of self-confidence is stopping Viktor from entering the local House of Culture, where the speed dates are to be conducted. However, feeling all the severity of loneliness, he decides to make this step. His fear comes true – every date turns trial to him. Every date except one.

duration – 99 min.

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