It could be sad if it wasn’t so funny — the man with disability who dreams about rescue girl on the beach, the family who sees the dead relatives in the neighbor’s dog, random meeting of two strangers in cafe, Pierre, whose broken heart burns down the whole city and a well-known musicologist from Albert Meisl’s films. These are not just comedies, but soon-to-be your favorite comedies.

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BERMUDA 8′ Erik Warolin Sweden 2018

Jonna, a young waitress, is compelled by her boss to make small talk with the only customer of the day. A conversation that rapidly develops from harmless to something absurd and potentially life-changing.


BERTIE 19′ Garry Crystal United Kingdom 2018

A classic suburban tale of parenthood, bereavement, and a mysterious pug.


WINGS OF THE SPIRIT 29′ Albert Meisl Austria 2019

The failed Viennese musicologist Szabo works as an animal carer and house sitter for wealthy people. But when visited by his colleague, a rare parrot, which he should guard, escapes him. Szabo sees his already precarious life in shambles, but Fitzthum has a brilliant idea…


DÖNER 7′ Denys Spolitak Ukraine 2018

One day, the one guy falls out of his kebab. Illuminated by a light ray, kebab comes alive and begins its way…


PIERRE’S HEART 20′ Olivier Binder the United States 2019

Pierre is a lonely alcoholic gambler. One day, he wins the jackpot on an online poker site and decides to start a new life, under the French Riviera sun.


HARLEY WHEELCHAIR 12′ Niels Sabbe Belgium 2018

Harley, a paralyzed motorbiker contemplates society in his electric cart. When all hope seems lost he rediscovers lust for life at the beach.


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