Bye Bye Fim Tape

Non-competition programme “Bye Bye Film Tape”

Beautiful lie and nostalgia for thing we’ve never seen, supported by old techniques and short stories overheard from strangers.

Lviv Art Palace, Green Hall (17, Kopernik str.)

THE END 6’ Ullo Pikkov Estonia 2012

It is said that if a man is fading away, he sees his life running quickly in front of his eyes. What does a hundred-year old film strip see before it gives way to digital vehicles?

KINOKI 15’ Leo Favier France 2012

Solidarity, initiative and commitment have always been everyday values in this little French village. KINOKI is a fictional documentary made up of Super 8 films, animated drawings and typographic animation.

FOXES 16’ Lorcan Finnegan Ireland 2010

A young couple trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world. A world of the paranormal, or perhaps insanity.

THE KIOSK 7’ Anete Melece Switzerland 2013

Some people spend their lives flying away from where they are. Olga, the lady from the kiosk, also has this desire. But she can’t leave. Until the winds and tides carry and transport here to where she wants the most.

WELCOME AND OUR CONDOLENCE 27’ Leon Prudovsky Israel 2010

1991. 12-year-old Misha is documenting his family’s migration from the USSR to Israel on a home-video camera.

U.F.O.s above Berlin 2 – Last Resistance 19’ Eros Manzoni, Richard Wilhelmer Austria 2013

The whole world is mind-controlled. Only Ron Fox and five beautiful Warrior Amazons are resisting the alien occupation, until one day they find Marty…

CARDBOARD FLOWERS 13’ Sergey Pedan Russia 2013

He was completing his studies at the Academy of Arts, and had to find a theme for his diploma work. He was desperate to create something extraordinary. So that one could see it and say WOW!

PRETTY FUNNY STORY 19’ Evan Morgan Canada 2011

After witnessing a neighbour’s embarrassing antics, a bored family man is eager to report the story back to his office chums — but the paranoid neighbour hatches a drastic, bizarre plan to silence him.

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