Border Stories

History of humankind is a story of migration. We live in a hectic world full of cataclysms. Filmmakers of today cannot stay quiet about the human in the middle of politics. We’ve selected 6 films that mirror in different ways how the protagonists deal with what we see, but barely talk about.

TOURIST 22’ Myroslava Klochko Czech Republic 2017

Night. Spring’s endless rain. Coincidentally, Anna ends up at the police station. In front of her is a Czech policeman, for whom the case of inaccessible immigration is not particularly new. This is the film about meeting two foreigners.

Is it easy to condemn the other person in advance? Question for both parties. The film as an attempt to discuss the limits of strangers.

CARGO 20’ Karim Rahbani Cyprus France Lebanon 2017

Lost in the middle of the Bekaa valley after fleeing the Syrian war, little Abed and his sick grandfather find their way into the city of Beirut, only to face a ruthless fate.


NEW YEAR WITH FAMILY 14’ Maksym Nakonechnyi Ukraine 2018

A family has to celebrate New Year at the new place for the first time. Despite all the efforts, there’s no holiday spirit and everything goes wrong. Almost everything.


PENALTY 14’ Aldo Iuliano Italy 2016

A group of guys plays football in the middle of nowhere.
At stake is much more than a simple victory.



YOU’RE WELCOME 9’ Rebecca Panian Switzerland 2017

You want to drink your coffee peacefully but instead you end up in a situation where people start to stir up hatred against refugees – what do you do?


BAO 18’ Fei Yanqiu China 2016

When a rookie drug mule encounters an abandoned baby girl, they become an unlikely team as they embark on a train journey through China. In Chinese BAO means 1: Baby 2: Treasure


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