Best of British

Best of British. Panorama presented by London Short Film Festival

Curator Philip Ilson

Lviv Art Palace, Green Hall (17, Kopernik str.)

BEGINNING 18’ Pier Wilkie 2012

Claire flees her house in the early hours of the morning and heads for a late night cafe. Is she looking for something or has she left something behind?


THE PUB 8’ Joseph Pierce 2012

Kemi lives and works in the murky slipstream of a North London pub. As the booze flows the line between who belongs behind and in front of the bar becomes increasingly blurred.

69.4 DEGREES NORTH 3’ Eva Weber 2012

A poetic visual study of the ancient practice of reindeer herding in the twilight expanses of the Utsjoki wilderness.


FARMHAND 17’ Ben Caird 2012

A farmhand goes about his daily work routine with a total absence of human interaction. A brutal chance encounter with an equally disenchanted young woman leaves the farmhand with the hope of a more connected future.

BOOGODOBIEGODONGO 4’ Peter Millard 2012

I once lived in a Boogodobiegodongo and I felt better.

GOBLIN MARKET 18’ Anna Blandford 2012

Goblin Market: innocence lost forever.

POUTERS 17’ Paul Fegan 2012

A modern day story of undying commitment, rivalry, family and friendship interwoven by the underground and idiosyncratic Scottish sport of doo-fleein’.


GOOD NIGHT 24’ Muriel D’Ansembourg 2012

Two teenage girls head into London town on a secret night out, dressed way beyond their years and oozing a sexuality they barely own. Once on the street they find themselves pushed to extremes and the boundaries between innocent play and dangerous seduction start to blur.

THE CURSE  16’ Fyzal Boulifa 2012

Fatine has ventured far from the village to meet her older lover. When she is caught by a small boy, all she wants to do is go home.

EARLY BIRDS 21’ Jeroen Bogaert 2012

Mila, a 12-year-old rebellious girl, has a secret crush on her 40 year old neighbour and coach, Sam. When Mila finds out that he’s moving away to Italy for at least a year, she conceives the plan to go with him.

KERI’S TAPES 8’ Keri Leese / Rory Alexander Stewart 2012

Keri’s Tapes is a short documentary about a young woman (Keri Leese) suffering from M.E. The film’s soundtrack is made up from micro-cassette recordings Keri made over the course of a year detailing her thoughts and feelings about living with the illness.


Sneaking out of her bedroom window at night, a young girl encounters an unearthly happening.

SPACESHIP 6’ Alex Taylor 2013

Chloe transforms herself into Ridley Scott’s alien, making a costume out of PVC. She meets a group of 2012 conspiracy theorists who tell her that she has connections with angels.

MORNING 20’ Cathy Brady 2012

Mary’s (Eileen Walsh) morning is interrupted by a stranger (Johnny Harris) who causes her to confront what she has been hiding from.

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