Beautiful Mind

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A LIVING SOUL 29’ Henry Moore Selder Sweden 2014

A human brain, kept alive artificially, wakes up in a laboratory. We follow Ypsilon’s path from mere consciousness to the development of a personality.

METANOIA 4’ Remo, Moritz, Etienne Scherrer, Flachsmann, Mory Switzerland 2013

Paul is ready to enjoy his day off. But unexpectedly he begins absorbing all life around him.

2/05. 9’ Nacho A. Villar Spain 2014

Three different worlds coming to an end: a house growing empty, and an elder couple in the last stage of their lives.

MY FRIEND NIETZSCHE 15’ Fáuston Da Silva Brazil 2013

The improbable meeting between Lucas and Nietzsche will be the beginning of a violent revolution in the mind of the boy, within his family and within society. At the end he is no longer a boy, he is dynamite!

SEQUENCE 20’ Carles Torrens United States 2013

What if you wake up one day and realize the entire world has dreamed about you?

duration 88 minutes

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