Art is Political!

An eclectic selection of six short films that question the apolitical nature of art and explore the emotional, physical and political relationships people build with one another.

The screening will be premiered online on our virtual cinema platform following the discussion live.


Man shapes his environment, which shapes his brain. Two hundred kilometers from Beijing, men live among rocks waiting to be broken, cut, sanded. The same gestures come back again and again to write a history of damage and repair.

FIRST ACT 20′ Matheus Parizi Бразилія 2019

Two theatre students try to convince their colleagues to leave their classroom and join them in the protests against the dismantling of culture policies, that take over Brazil.

023_GRETA_S 12′ Annika Birgel Germany 2019

A young actress’ audition quickly spirals out of control, turning into an intimate and manipulative interrogation. As she fights to stand her ground, one pressing question will remain: how far will she go to get the role?

THE RAFT 20′ Sylvain Cruiziat Germany 2019

Performance artist Vittoria Hopkin’s has made a career addressing the guilt of the viewer in the face of their vulnerability. Her latest work THE RAFT has all the ingredients of a landmark: classical references, naked people lying still on a canvas and an accusatory monologue, written from the perspective of a drowning man in the Mediterranean sea.

THE LINE  9′ Malte Schulz Germany 2020

Berlin based American actor Michael finally receives the great script he has been waiting for. Unfortunately, he only has one line to play, which will, however, ultimately reflect on his own life.

THE BEST ORCHESTRA IN THE WORLD 13′ Henning Backhaus Austria 2019

Ingbert, the sock, applies for a position as double bass player at the Vienna State Orchestra. Bad idea.

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