Archives of Memory

22nd of August at 6.30 pm we’ll watch a special program of films.

These stories are not only about personalities but also about whole movements and social phenomena. Our selection of shorts from all around the world demonstrates the variety of archives and approaches to work with them and impresses with the intimacy of its narrative.

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THE YELLOW MAZDA AND HIS LONELINESS 10′ Sandra Heremans Rwanda 2018

A conceptual experiment on what it means to begin a film with a black image develops into a subtle personal journey about the filmmaker. The story of a Belgian missionary falling in love with a Rwandese girl is woven together with images of what this heritage means to their daughter.


THE TREE 6′ Oleg Chornyi, Viktor Kyzyma Ukraine 2019

The film tells the story of personal creativity. This film was lost for many years and found by chance in 2018. After being digitized, visual decaying patterns were revealed. The film was restored and remastered by professional filmmakers and sound editors to convey an important metaphor: as if an amateur artist discovers forms while working on wood, the film discovers visual matters within decaying film frames.


CAN’T YOU SEE THEM? – REPEAT 8′ Clarissa Thieme Germany 2019

Sarajevo during the siege in 1992: Handheld, a camera nervously moves as it seeks to connect to the threat before it. The resultant meta-data now control an automatic arm and make it move a ray of light in exactly the same way the hand shifted the camera. The soul returns to the scene of its scarring over and over.

THE MIGRATING IMAGE 28′ Stefan Kruse Denmark 2018

‘The migrating image′follows the pictorial flow of refugees on their journey to and up through Europe. The film is based on photos of refugees and turns the camera back on us – as we created them and ultimately consume them.


SAHARA PALACE 8′ Zélie Durand-Khalifat France 2018

Inside the Sahara Palace hotel, silence, dereliction and sand. It’s in this fragile and out of time place that memories of an unknown grandfather appear. Zélie Durand brings back to life the ghost of her grandfather in an intimate documentary that mixes volume animation and family archives.

THE SCARS [Orbainak]  29′ Jorge Moneo Quintana Spain 2019

The personal stories lived by the Uncle, the Father and the Son, respectively, form a tragic experience that is drawn along a line in time. This line is comparable to a crease in the pages of the family album, but also a scar in the collective imaginary of a society. What is at the end of that line? Will old war songs be enough to circumvent that destiny?


THE CUP IS ALREADY FILLING UP 8′ Debora Elgeholm Sweden 2018

The film deals with the feeling of being chosen, and the responsibility that comes with being the Virgin Mary´s messenger. Using archive material, both image and text, a narrative is created from children´s experiences of various apparitions in Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje.


STRZHYGON AND HOW TO DEAL WITH HIM 5′ Kajetan Obarski Poland 2019

Strzygoń is a figure appearing often and under many names in Polish folk mythology: a man with two souls who raises from the grave to scare and strangle the living, though he can also be caring – yet still dead – husband and father… There is only one way to free yourself from him forever.


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