The screening of archival films about Lviv.

October 12, Thursday, 5 pm
The Palace of Art, Kopernyka 17, 2nd floor

free entrance


THE GOOD DAY OF LVIV 120’ Volodymyr Shevchenko Ukraine 1969

About the ancient city of Lviv. Types of cities. Classes in educational institutions. Manufacturing processes at enterprises. A Demonstration by representatives of labor collectives dedicated to the 52nd anniversary of the October Revolution.

The film was shot by the Kyiv film studio Ukrkinokhronika in 1969 and, according to the plan, shows the city through the images of work and rest of the inhabitants of Lviv. It was shown in all cinemas of the city and was very popular among the residents.


TIME FORWARD. TWO TIMES BACK. 7’ Oleg Voronko Ukraine 2017

It is the result of the artist’s work with archive recordings and his interpretation of topics of industrial past and the construction of a socialist city. This work was created in 2017 on the basis of video materials processed by Urban Media Archive.

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