Winter Shorts 2020

January 16th in Kopernik cinema on 9, Kopernik street we’ll watch a selection of films Winter Shorts.


MR.CHRISTMAS 15’ Nick Palmer USA 2012

An offbeat, touching portrait of a man who has spent three decades turning his small Northern California home into a beautiful, towering Christmas display people travel across the country to see.


100 EURO 25 min. Aleksey Lapin Austria 2018

Vienna during Christmas time 2017. ION has read  a curious article about Hitler, wo might be found  in Argentina, while his older half-brother ANDREI seems to have other problems on his mind.  Following the two Romanian half-brothers and their preparations for leaving the city, money is  only one side of the coin.

CA$H 12 min. Tan Wei Ting Singapore 2018

Four cashiers stage a revolt by locking themselves inside the supermarket late at night in protest at the prospect of losing their jobs to a cashless system. As the night unfurls and negotiations are made, the group of friends share their anxieties of an uncertain future.


DIMO’S FOREST 20 min. Hristo Simeonov Bulgaria 2018 

A forest ranger in a mountain village takes advantage of his position and imposes his own laws in the State forest he guards. He makes money from the illegal deforestation of the mountain. When his latest plan goes wrong, he is forced to see the forest in a different way.

I DON’T BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTMAS 15 min. Anna Ludwig Germany 2018

A single mum is very sad as she isn’t able to afford to hire a Father Christmas on Christmas Eve for her children this year – a typical tradition in this family and parts of Germany.

The brothers just notice that mum is unhappy as Father Christmas won’t be coming around. Their conclusion: Mum still believes in Father Christmas.

Now it’s up to them to organize a Father Christmas in order to make mum happy again.


THE CHRISTMAS GIFT 23 min. Bogdan Muresanu Romania 2018

On the 20th of December, 1989, a few days after Ceausescu’s bloody repression in Timisoara, a father’s quiet evening turns to sheer ordeal as he finds out that his little son has mailed a wish letter to Santa. As the kid understood, his father’s desire was to see Ceausescu dead.

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