Winter Shorts

On January 29 at 7 and 9 pm @ Lviv Art Palace. Warm short films.


97% 9’ Ben Brand Netherlands 2013

97% match! Bert receives an app alert that his dream-girl is nearby. But he must find her before the train reaches the end of the line.

WHALE VALLEY  15’ Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson Island 2014 +

The film shows a strong bond between two brothers that live in a remote fjord with their parents. We look into their world through the eyes of the younger brother and follow him on a journey that marks a turning point in the brothers’ lives.

THE MISSING SCARF 7’ Eoin Duffy Canada 2014

Albert the Squirrel makes a startling discovery… an empty space where once his favourite scarf lay. He heads off into the forest only to find everyone else is preoccupied with worries of their own.

Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen & Sara Gangsted Denmark 2015

Between heavy-metal studs and purple pictures of angels and glories is Joan Ladekjær. She is a part of The Inner Mission Youth in Copenhagen, and has chosen the Christian community over her biological family. To her, Gods love is more than you’ll ever get from a human being.

FAR FROM GONE 15’ Magnus Arnesen Norway 2014

A disgruntled teenager is forced to grow up when he gets lost in the woods with his demented Grandfather.

THIS IS CHRISTMAS 6’ Alex Norris USA 2006

A black comedy about a fateful Christmas dinner. You should try the parsnips…

THE LUNCH DATE 12′ Adam Davidson USA 1989 

A woman misses her train and buys lunch in a café. When she returns to her table, a man is eating her salad.

IMPACT 7′ Jean-Pierre Michael France 2014

A forensic expert starts the study of a crime scene. And what she’s about to discover is beyond imagination.

Jean-Baptiste Pouilloux France 2013

Paris, a few days after the death of the King of Pop and a few days before Christmas, he and she happen to meet in the back seat of a cab. They ride along through the streets, among the city lights, just long enough for an encounter.

HOW TO GET MUGGED 3’ Cecilia Fage UK 2013

Two London hipster girls finally get their wish granted, and have the ultimate urban experience.

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