Very German Films 2016

on October 20 at 7 and 9 pm in Lviv Art Palace we’ll watch latest German Short Films.

дуже німецьке кіно 2016 тізер from Wiz-Art Festival on Vimeo.

Program of the evening

FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE 15′ Bjørn Melhus 2015

Against the backdrop of an unfathomable megalopolis, in a story that follows the associative qualities of a dream logic, the protagonists quote from concepts of neo-liberal elitism, and a mix of religious delusions and hallucinations of the apocalypse

PLAYGROUNG 14′ Tanja Bubbel Germany 2014

Anne’s boyfriend wants to have children. But is Anne ready for the big step? While babysitting a friend’s child at the playground, she finds an answer to her question.

COUP DE GRACE 8′ Pascal Glatz Germany 2015

At a remote mountain lake a bound man with cement shoes is being dragged to the water. His request for a coup de grâce escalates into an absurd clash.

What Happens In Your Brain If You See a German Word Like…? Fred Burle 2015

Compared to other language, German has very long words. This is because you can simply put two words together to make a new one… without limits! That can makes one crazy and that´s what happens with our bald man, when he reads an extremely long word. The word is endless and he goes deeper and deeper into its world trying to fully grasp it.

SRY BSY 3′ Verena Vebhal 2015

This animation is about obsessions, compulsions and the pressure of keeping up with the challenges of modern working life. By combining a dark sense of humor with absurd elements, sry bsy is amusing and disturbing at the same time.

EXIT RIGHT 6′ Rupert Höller, Bernhard Wenger Germany 2015

Look away or intervene? When a black man is victim of unfounded, racial abuse in a packed bus, there is only one passenger who won’t ignore the situation like everyone else.

WHAT THEY BELIEVE 10′ Shoko Hara Germany 2015

Collected anecdotes of ambiguous love and hope.

YOUR SON 23′ Katharina Woll Germany 2016

Gregor is a musician and dreamer. He likes his life – as long as he doesn’t have to explain himself to his mother Irène. Long ago he gave up hope of being more than a less well-off son for the successful gallerist one day. A radical deterioration of Irène’s health status is forcing Gregor to leave his mother’s shadow and jump over his own.

EYE FOR AN EYE 5′ Steve Bache Germany 2016

Frederick Baer spent over a decade in the Indiana State Prison, still waiting for his death penalty to be executed. A hand-drawn documentary about a murderer’s time on death row and the conflicts with his guilt and destiny.

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