USA short films

On April 10th we’ll watch short films from USA



A humorous, animated op doc explores the rich history of adaptation, plagiarism, and other.

SIDE EFFECTED 7’ Lev Pakman USA 2013

An urgent meeting between the boss of a pharmaceutical company and one of his upstart young employees is called in order to discuss a troubling rumor about a new drug.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY 14’ Lauren Wolkstein France/USA 2013

A 30-year-old American woman enters into a teenage party in the South of France. Some of the guests wonder who she is and what she is doing there.

FOR SPACIOUS SKY 22’ Coy Middlebrook  USA 2013

Inspired by actual events and set on Election Day 2008 against the sweeping landscape of rural America, For Spacious Sky is the inspiring story of three lost brothers finding their way back to each other – one from hate, one from addiction, and one from discrimination.

The Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives 17’ Justin Lutsky USA 2012

When lives are on the line… When there’s danger at every turn… When clichés run amuck… Sometimes the best thing to do is call Mulligan! Ace Mulligan!

A SENIOR MOMENT 5’ Michelle Davidson USA 2013

Old meets new.

DEAR VALUED FRIENDS 16′ Jarred Alterman, Paul Sturtz USA 2013

44 years ago, it seemed like a good idea to build a squat, concrete motel in downtown Columbia, Missouri. But within a few years, guests were calling for a do-over. Now, with the downtrodden building’s fate sealed, the Rabid Hands artist collective arrives on the scene as hospice workers, assisting in the passing of the building’s soul.

ATLANTIC AVENUE 12’  Laure de Clermont 2013

How a seventeen-year-old bright handicapped girl encounters love through a antisocial male prostitute…

duratin 97 min.

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