Urban DOC Workshop

You have always dreamed of (a) to shoot a documentary? You know a unique story of the city and its residents that you would like to share? You have an idea how to turn the story into a documentary short film about Lviv? You aspire to learn and gain practical experience in the film industry? Fill the application till June 3rd 23:59.

6-18 June 2016 art formation Wiz-Art in partnership with Urban Library will hold Urban Doc Workshop within the Urban Workshop. Preference will be given to those with minimal experience in creating audio-visual material and  a clear and achievable idea that can be implemented within two weeks.

All of the participants will be divided into teams. As a result of the workshop, it is planned to create 3-5 short films.

The current process of active development of the city and its districts naturally caused a great deal of interesting events and little stories that take place here and now. The clash of traditional and innovative approaches, joint search for the best options for the development of urban space – all of this is a real living “kitchen” that forms local communities. Filming these stories is one of the ways to investigate the process of creating a civil society and dissemination practices in Ukraine. Documentation and rethinking of what is going on – both push changes into society. These processes result in dialogue and debate within the community of people who can not argue with the screen, but can discuss with others outside of it. Talented film work should not impose its own opinion, it has to lead to action and reflection. This is the main point of the workshop.

Curators: Ostap Kostyuk, Taras Dron, Zhanna Ozirna, Yuriy Hrytsyna (supplemented list)


June 6-7 – theoretical part, practical part of the workshop, the crystallization of ideas;
June 7-12 – studies, surveys;
June 13-17 – material analysis;
June 18 – presentation of works and discussion

Maximum – 10 people. Participation in the workshop is free, but organizers reserve the right to choose and interview future participants.

The project is supported by Urban Workshop 2016 and GIZ.


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