URBAN DOC Workshop 2017

Art formation Wiz-Art continues the tradition of supporting amateur films! June 5-18 as part of Urban Workshop within two weeks we hold a documentary workshop with a well-known Ukrainian director Ostap Kostyuk as a mentor. The project included a series of theoretical and practical lessons, workshops, and discussions to help each participant in the creation of their own films. The result of the workshop the creation of 4 documentary film on urban themes.


DEAR JIUN director Irynka Hromotska

Jiun is an ordinary girl from a small town in Malaysia. She loves her family, parties, good cinema and delicious food. Every day, Jiun dedicates herself to her special work. This is her story.

THE HOUSE WITH ROSES director Kateryna Moskalyuk

In the entrance of a Lviv stone building of the early XX century, behind a few layers of gray paint and stamina, there is a genuine beauty – authentic wall paintings. Iryna is a restorer, who lives in this house, on her own initiative she has decided to restore the paintings of roses on the wall in order to make those flowers bloom even during in winter.

PHOTO FOR YOU director Lyudmila Paraskiva

A 32-year-old woman leaves for an unusual job every day. Wearing her wings, she goes on a small trip around the city. Who will she meet next day?

LIKE A DEW IN THE SUN director Roman Huk

The city builds its own models, generates symbols and subtexts that under the influence of people and thoughts disappear and are born again like a dew in the sun.

Ideas and projects that can tell about the city through its live stories were invited to participate in the workshop. Also, we were happy to welcome in our team those who have some experience in documentary film creation (operators, sound engineers) but do not have their own project. In our works, we have concentrated on the personal experience of those people who affect different processes of the city: its restructuring, destruction, and creation. In the context of the ongoing development of other districts and certain “centers of gravity” previously unknown corners become drivers of changes and new trends. Documentation of these processes and their rethinking from the bottom of everyday stories – a tool for a dialogue in the society.

Participants of the workshop could be everyone who already has an experience in audio-visual material creation or those who want to try how it is to be a documentary director. A requirement for participation was a formed idea of documentary research that actually can be implemented within two weeks. Preference was given to pre-designed projects.

Participation in the workshop included a symbolic fee of 200 UAH. to cover the administrative costs of the project and tea-coffee breaks during joint meetings 🙂 The organizers reserved the right to choose projects and interview future participants.

The results of last year UrbanDoc can be found here.

Mentor, teacher and the main inspiration of the project – Ostap Kostyuk
Curator – Iryna Kovalchuk.

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