January 24 at 19.00 in Kinopalace “Kopernik”  there will be a screening of the program “Ukrainian New Wave”, which consists of seven short films by Ukrainian directors.

National Center of Olexander Dovzhenko in partnership with art collective Wiz-Art presents the premiere of  of the most recent Ukrainian films «Ukrainian New Wave,” a wide audience will see short films shot with the financial support of the Ukrainian State Cinema Agency. Watch teaser.

Most of the films that will be shown on January 24, have already participated or will participate in international film festivals. Two of them – the film “Lessons of Ukrainian” and  “Road” – newly completed projects.


Director: Ruslan Batytskyy

Cast: Dmitry Yaroshenko, Victor Marvin, Anna Sergeeva, Evgen Sosnovskyy

Drowsy silence of degraded mining town is broken by the  appearance of a young teacher. The feelings flare between her and a young miner.  Among the local young men who are used to get in packs around the fittest, it causes animal aggression and rage. In the struggle with otherness evil acquires lush baroque forms…

ROAD, 2012, 21′

Director: Maxym Ksyenda

Cast: Yevgeniy Gerasymenko, Yevgeniy Yefremov, Svitlana Shtanko, Victor Glushkov

Divorced parents got indifferent to their teenage son. In dispute he goes to another city. On a dangerous way to his father, for whom his own son is a burden, a guy first in his life meets someone who is willing to look directly into his eyes. This gives him an understanding of life and determines his future path – the small man starts opening big world.


Director: Antonina Noyabryova

Cast: Evgen Bushmakin, Oleg Shevtsov, Dmitro Kifyak, Evgen Kozhayev, Vitaliy Matvienko and Vadym Lisnyakov

Independence Day through the eyes of the young and castaway population of Ukrainian sleeping areas. Tragicomic history about failing to realize own freedom against the fallen values ​​of previous generations.

Special Jury Diploma of the National competition at Odessa International Film Festival, the Grand Prix of National Competition at 42 Molodist Film Festival.

BEARD, 2012, 25’

Director: Dmytro Suholytkyy-Sobchuk

Cast: Zinoviy Symchych, Maria Romanova, Gilberto Forti, Mykola Gomenyuk, Evgen Zelinskyy

Producers: Volodymyr Tykhyy, Igor Savychenko, Denis Ivanov, Yana Semernyam

The old man lives a lonely life in an empty village. People simply call him ‘Beard’. He is a local weirdo. . His daughter lives abroad: she married a foreigner. Every year she comes … To make a ritual of great love. Prize for Best Screenplay at the Festival “Open night”

PIE, 2012, 16′

Directed by Yuri Kovalev

Cast: Lina Budnyk, Valeriy Astakhov, Valeriy Gneushev, Oleg Zagorodniy, Mykyta Sitdikov, Artem Myaus, Andriy Chernyak, Oleg Steshakov, Sergiy Krupenya

In this small Ukrainian town everyone knows each other by name and lives like one big family. Grandma Zina bakes pies, and feeds them to local teenagers … and sells them drugs. Grandma Zina is “protected” by the local criminal elite, in other words – the police. When the boss comes to take his “slice of the pie”, grandma Zina gently offers him dinner. A meal for her beloved son…

Participant of Odessa Film Festival (Ukrainian National Competition Program) and the VII International Festival of Independent Film “KinoLev” (Ukrainian program).


Director: Julia Raynveter

Cast: Kateryna Mazhul, Sergiy Bolotayev

Sometimes, to find out more – you should just keep silent.


Director: Denys Spolitak

Cast: Kyrylo Shybut, Olena Potemkina, Illya Pelyuk, Olena Borozenets, Olexander Piskunov,

Clinical history of growing up. Becoming yourself in a search of your identity. Between 20 and midnight – between age and time.

Diploma of the National Competition at 42 Molodist Film Festival

Total duration: 109 min.

Before screening at 19.00 in Kinopalace “Kopernik”  we invite you to visit a short film presentation with participation of the representatives of the National Center of Olexander Dovzhenko, art collective “Wiz-Art”, Lviv City Council and the directors of the films.

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