Priit Tender will lead a workshop

On November 18 at 17:00, Estonian animator, winner or many international awards, Priit Tender will lead a workshop named ‘Two girls in miniskirt, four bottles of vodka and one pumpkin’. It’s going to be an object animation workshop, Priit Tender will use all these items to make a short film.

The workshop is part of the project screening of Estonian Animation. Priit Tender was born in 1971 in Tallinn, Estonia, graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University as an art-teacher. His first job was as one of the artists for Priit Pärn and Janno Põldma’s film “1895” (1995). Has taught animation at Tallinn Art Academy, Tartu University, Baltic Film and Media School. Priit Tender debuted as a director in 1996 with the film “Gravitation”. From 1997 Priit started to work with animation studio «Eesti Joonisfilm” as an animator (“Tom and Fluffy”, “Bermuda”). Also in 2001 he worked as the scriptwriter (with Ulo Pikkov) for 13x25min. TV-series about Estonian animation “Anima tsoon”.

Priit Tender has given workshops at Rhode Island School of Design, Royal College of Art, Ljubljana Art Academy, Animation Workshop in Viborg. The animator has created a bronze statue for Estonian filmcritics annual award “Virgin Maali” and made several animated commercials. In 2010 Mr. Tender created a feature animation “Mexican Express”. Now Priit Tender is one of the shareholders of Eesti Joonisfilm studio and the owner of company Telenovela.

Workshop will last for 3-4 hours, it’s free of change, and everyone is welcome to participate.

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