On May 19th in Lviv Art Palace at 7 and 9pm.

PICKLE 15′ Amy Nicholson USA 2015

Pickle is an ode to man’s capacity to care for all creatures throughout their sometimes greatly protracted existence until their occasionally sudden and unfortunate demise.

END OF THE WORLD 36′ Monika Pawluczuk Poland 2015

It is an intimate, creative and immensely visual documentary where a couple of stories weave into one narrative over the course of one night.

NASCENT 7′ Lindsay Branham, Jon Kasbe SAR 2015

Two children on opposing sides of Central African Republic’s civil war. With escalating personal, tit-for­-tat revenge violence, people are often targeted along religious lines. Bintou, an eight-year old Muslim girl, and Gaus, a 12 year-old Christian boy, find an unlikely path of intersection.

TRANSMORMON 15′ Torben Bernhard USA 2014

Eri Hayward was born and raised in Utah as a boy. Her slow, painful journey to be recognized as a transgender woman lasted years. As she prepares for sex reassignment surgery, this short documentary explores her relationship with her family, her body, and her conservative Mormon upbringing.

TO SCHOOL 11′ Natalya Shevchenko Ukraine 2014

The first day in school, the first step into the new stage of life. From now on there will be new responsibilities, duties, and necessity to make decisions. Yesterday you were just Anton, now you’re a first grade student. You’re wearing a classic suit with a national embroidery tie. You are a Ukrainian schoolboy.

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