Switzerland 2013

On January 31 at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. in Lviv Art Palace, the latest short films from the country of crazy inventors and desperately brave people, cheese, watches, high Alps and extraordinary sense of humor.

BON VOYAGE 6′ Fabio Friedli 2011

Dozens of emigrants climb on to an overcrowded truck. Their goal: fortress Europe. When they arrive there after an exhausting journey, the confrontation with another brutal reality awaits them: the European handling of refugees.

RONALDO 6′ Jan Mettler and Jan-Eric Mack 2010

A boy dreams of being a great soccer star. One morning he leaves the anonymity of his gray suburbs to enter the glaring light of the stadium. There he meets an unexpected opponent who puts him to the test.

ON THE BEACH 17′ Marie-Elsa Sgualdo 2012

It’s summer, but life for 15-year-old Sara is very complicated. With her younger brother in tow, she is on her way to spend the summer holidays with her mother. Her father insisted on this, in spite of the fact that she jilted him. Their mother lives in a caravan on a campsite. What a place to begin a new life! Fortunately, there is the beach – and there are boys. Now, if only Sara were allowed to live her life.

BAGGERN 12′ Corina Schwingruber 2011

“For this job you need to have diesel fuel or hydraulic oil in your blood, otherwise you can’t do it!” Dust in their eyes, noise in their ears and passion in the heart! That’s the job of a digger driver working in the demolition business. How diggers become ballerinas and why after all size still matters.

TAPPERMAN 15′ Alberto Heroni 2012

Paul, a door-to-door salesman, struggles – with a smile – to sell his food containers. In fact, his life resembles the preserved foods they hold: hermetically sealed off from the exterior world. One day, a singular event will force him to come out of his plastic box.

PARADOXES DE BORDES 15′ Pascal Mertz 2010

A hardened and a-typical bachelor falls in love with a woman for whom love can only be intensely close. A whimsical anthropologist analyses the dynamism of the couple by establishing a link between the relationship isolationism of the former bachelor and the territoriality of mono-cellular beings.

PERPETUUM MOBILE 5′ Sebastian Kenney 2009

An unending story that blurs the distinction between dream and reality. The helper in one world becomes the victim in the other.

EMPLOYE DU MONS 14′ Olivier Beguin 2011

Creatures that have hitherto hidden themselves in cabinets, coffins or sarcophagi are now lining up to look for a new job. They turn to the Agency for Professional Reorientation for Myths and Legends (APRML) who help them with their re-entry into professional life.


Duration – 90 min. Teaser.


Palace of Arts, Kopernik Str. 17, 2d floor


Contacts:  063 561 57 22,   info@wiz-art.com.ua


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