Ukrainian Short Films Screening from LISFF Wiz-Art 2016 at StereoForum in Minsk

On Friday, March 17, at 17.00, co-founder Wiz-Art formation Olha Reiter Reiter will present Ukrainian short films from Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art 2016 at the StereoForum  in Minsk. The purpose of the forum is to establish communication between Ukrainian and Belarusian cultural managers, develop local initiatives, promote cultural exchange and present those, who create modern Ukrainian culture.

Program of the screening:

ARDEA 11′ Maria Ponomarova Ukraine, Netherlands 2016

Woman and man are running in the park. Both are loners, both are keeping their rhythm. Their ways are crossing, a rhythm became something more than a regular change of inhaling and exhaling. Running became a passion, a passion that can leave them out of breath.

BLACK MOUNTAIN 18′ Taras Dron Ukraine 2016

12-years old Yurko lives in far mountain village with his mother. Yurko’s father went to work abroad. The fight for father’s car becomes a story of growing up.

MEN’S WORK 15′ Maryna Stepanska Ukraine, Austria 2015

The 47-year-old man is working for a Corporation, which is engaged in illegal occupation of rural land. Leaving for another “object”, he discovers a huge unfinished cathedral at the infinite field. He needs to decide what to do with the cathedral, as well as to subdue a farmer who rightfully owns the land.

ENCOUNTER 11’ Zhanna Ozirna Ukraine 2016

The war conflict makes Ihor move to another city at a peaceful territory. Here he finds hope for relationships and a new life. But war is not easy to run away from.

GOLDEN LOVE 12′ Pavlo Ostrikov Ukraine 2016

Lack of self-confidence is stopping Viktor from entering the local House of Culture, where the speed dates are to be conducted. However, feeling all the severity of loneliness, he decides to make this step. His fear comes true – every date turns trial to him. Every date except one.

70 STREETS 7′ Max Lyzhov Ukraine 2016

When Brovary village officially became a town, one third of its residents were communist. After 60 years and three revolutions such proportion didn’t change: thirty percent of its streets keep the names of the former empire.

WITHOUT YOU (SENSIZ) 15′ Nariman Aliev Ukraine 2015

Two young men are travelling to celebrate their older brother’s birthday, but their plan is delayed when their car breaks down. The sun is going to set before long and there’s little chance of finding help in this god-forsaken place. They eventually decide to travel the rest of the long journey by foot.

Forum Organizers –  Center for Cultural Management – Belarus and – Ukraine. The project was implemented as part of the international cultural project Tandem Ukraine. 

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