Spanish short films

October 9th 2014 at 7 and 9 pm at Lviv Art Palace buy tickets online or before the screening in Lviv Art Palace.

More information 0635615722


SPEECHLESS 11’ Miguel Parra 2013

Lola goes through the pressures of the day but she does her job without giving it too much thought. She works as a telemarketing phone operator for a financial institution. From her tiny cubicle shephones those who owe the company money to remind them that when it comes to payment there are no valid excuses. The telephone allows her to keep enough distance…but one day comes to a head when she is left speechless.

NOISE OF THE WORLD 13’ Coke Riobóo 2013

Noise of the World is an animated short film that tells the story of Hector, a composer who is afflicted by a strange illness: he can hear every noise in the world. Through his music, he will find a way of keeping the noise under control.

INERTIAL LOVE 6’ César Esteban Alenda, José Esteban Alenda 2013

The relationship between Javier and Anna runs out of gas. She hits the brakes and Javier is dragged by inertia until he learns to get over it.

PLAN ROMANTIC 9’ Peris Romano 2012

Lola and Pablo are about to have a very important conversation… on webcam.

RUNNER 12’ José Luis Montesinos 2014

5 years ago the boss closed the company and fired 300 workers. The first day that he goes out to run he meets one of them.

BEDS 10’ Manuela Moreno 2010

Sometimes things can change in a while…

I LOVE MADRID 18’ Nadia Mata Portillo 2013

Noe visits Madrid to have a romantic weekend with Carlos. However, the City has other plans for her.

THE SAME OLD STORY 11’ José Luis Montesinos 2009

A mini melodrama set entirely during a ten minute bus journey. Passengers nosily listen to one man’s phone conversation as he attempts to win back his wife, but all is not as it first seems.

I CAN’T RIGHT NOW 12’ Roser Aguilar 2012

Sara is a young actress who, after becoming a mother, decides to go back to her professional life. She becomes finalist in an audition in which the stakes couldn’t be higher…

PIPAS 3’ Manuela Moreno 2014

Is there anymore mutual understanding than a bag of sunflower seeds between two girlfriends?

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