Spain 2016

On September 22, at 7pm and 9 pm we’ll sreen emotional, talkative, heartbreaking and daring films of Don Quixote country – Spain! Films are shown in their original language with Ukrainian and English subtitles. Tickets online or at anticafe Communa (Halytska 1) 24/7.

AMOR DE MONO 5′ Paulo Moasca Spain 2015

Monkeys know how to solve human errors!

APOLO_81 12′ Óscar Bernácer Spain 2015

Apolo_81 walks into an apparently normal bar. He throws the dice and chooses his rival: Caperucita_Love, legendary and dreaded in equal measure. So, a game begins in which both players have their cards and the setting is the board. Caperucita, a top-level expert player, looks bound to win.

FAST FOOD ROMANCE 3′ Alberto Arellano Spain 2015

What do they have in common? A call from heaven, a sandwich of cotton candy, an hypnosis session, a weird theory based on a worm and a Buddhist…

VANILLA 10′ Juan Beiro Afghanistan Spain 2015

Life is talking about silly stuff with the people you love.

SAND 25′ Carlos Mora Spain 2016

Ann sleeps and Germán bathes in the sea. Between them, a stretch of sand he will cross to wake her up.

FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS 18′ Begoña Soler Spain 2014

Marisa, a 35 year old woman, arrives to the Emergency Department of a Hospital looking for help.

LINA 20′ Nur Casadevall Spain 2015

Lina is a sensitive soul trapped in a world of isolation. Fleeing from this hostile environment she seeks comfort in her swimming instructor, but the leap into the abyss is inevitable.

2037 12′ Pardo Enric Spain 2015

Marc works for a company that sells travels in time and is a perfect employee. However, one day he decides to use the company’s time machine for himself. Personal use of the time machine contravenes company policy.

#wizartua Earth-shaking films only!

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