SPAIN 2015

Here are new spanish shorts from Wiz-Art!

September 17th | 7 and 9 pm at Lviv Art Palace (Kopernyka str. 17)

Tickets are available online or at Communa place.


LES CLAUS 10’ Pau López

What if love is a game you can only win by cheating?

A PERRO FLACO 19’ Laura Ferrés

Leo is a loser and her life is chaos. Everyone knows it although she tries to hide it. So, when her mother has no other option but to leave her dog Jana under her charge, Leo sees the opportunity to demonstrate she can be responsible.

ZEPO 3’ Cesar Diaz Melendez

A long time ago, one winter morning, she went out for some wood for the fire, too far from home, she spotted a blood trail… and she followed it.

FOLEY ARTIST 18’ Tony Bestard

A sound technician who specializes in Foley effects (creation of sounds for a film) has an accident that forces him to stay home for a few days.

CAFÉ PARA LLEVAR 13’ Patricia Font

Alicia, busy discussing the details of her wedding on the phone, walks into the first café she sees and orders a coffee to go. As fate would have it, she unexpectedly finds Javi inside.

MANO A MANO 7’ Ignacio Tatay

We can tolerate proximity with others on a crowded bus during rush hour, as long as we keep our hands to ourselves. But when Laura notices she shares the handrail with a very attractive stranger, she decides to slide her hand a few inches towards his.

NO CORPSE DUMPING 18` Clara Bilbao 2014

In 2029 the Spaniards don´t know what to do with their death relatives. Burying them is very expensive. Incineration has been forbidden due to environmental reasons. A new law forbids transporting them from cities to rural cemeteries. Nati and Tomás´s daugther is dying…

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