Spain 2012

On September 21st at 19:00 and 21:00 in Lviv Art Palace we will jump into the world of passion, devotion and surprises. There’re a lot of short films shot in the country of broken plates every year and we’ve chosen best of them for you. Watch trailer of the screening.

Program of the evening

THE RUNAWAY 11’ Victor Carrey Spain 2010

Chewing gum. A dog leash. An Australia shaped stain on the wall. A bent traffic light… Each of these elements has its own story, even though all of them together can create a new plot.


AT THE NEXT STOP 19’ Luis Francisco Perez Spain 2011

Javi wants to have a girlfriend, but he doesn’t find the right girl. One day he finds a planner, and he realizes that its owner could be a woman he’s looking for.

IN PRIVATE 15’ Francisco Javier Rubio Rodrigo Spain 2009

A young writer, a new home, a brand new life… A dinner celebrating his success? What could go wrong?

THE CHILD WILL DIE 9’ Esteban Alenda Spain 2011

It is Sunday. A beautiful dawn on a doomed day. At ten o’clock,  a happy child is going to die.

NOBODY’S FAULT 14’ Esteban Crespo Spain 2011

Antonio comes home with the intention of leaving his wife and three children, want to give second chance with his dreams of youth.

WE WILL CALL HIM BOBBY 13′  Paco Cavero  Spain 2011

Antonio and his son, Antonio Jr., come back from fishing on the day of the

son’s birthday. They have an argument because of Antonio Jr.’s wedding

plans, but everything changes after a weird incident…

HALF AS BAD 14′ Sergio Barrejon Spain 2011

At dawn, an executive is about to shoot himself in his office. When he is just about to pull the trigger, the unexpected arrival of the cleaning lady interrupts him. The executive can only manage to hide and spy on her.

duration 95 min.

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