Scandinavia 2013

On April 25th at 7 and 9 pm viewers will open a door to the countries with their own realities – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The most interesing Scandinavian short films uncover secrets about friendship and growing up, open relationships, bankers and thiefs, life after death, surreal sex, love and Polish immigrants.

3000 METER 2’ Gorm Just Denmark 2012

A man awakes in a free fall straight towards earth. In panic, he fights to survive and thinks of all the good things in life. A short film about a man’s inner and outer fight during his last minutes.

HOURGLASS 17’ Pedro Collantes Sweden 2012

As we grow up, friendships often fade away. Or do they?

SHARING ALL 15’ Amanda Kernell  Sweden 2009

Oscar’s in open relationships. When his principles are confronted with a concrete reality, it turns out not to be so simple.

PENSION GANG 12’ Páll Grímsson Iceland 2012

A short film about money.

FORTRESS 8’ Bjørn Inge Drønen Norway 2011

It is a story about a young adult who returns years later to his abandoned childhood home. Soon his repressed memories starts to haunt him to a final confrontation with himself and his past.

IN YOUR INTEREST 10’  Jimmy Olsson Sweden 2012

It’s an ordinary day at the bank. A somewhat stressed young man makes an entrance and sits down among the other waiting customers.

NAKED LOVE – EA’s GARDEN 7’ Sara Koppel Denmark 2012

It is a handdrawn erotic artfilm. A sensual journy through Ea’s sexuality in a sureal, poetic and abstract atmosphere.

STANISLAW 22’ Jón Már Gunnarsson Iceland 2010

It’s a satiric depiction of Icelandic people who are afraid of foreigners.

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