January 16th at 7 and 9 pm @ Lviv Art Palace we’ll watch inspiring shorts about power of human spirit.

THE DEVIL 7’ Jean-Gabriel Periot France 2012

“You don’t know what we are…”

MOMENTOS 7’ Nuna Rocha Portugal 2011

It is a charming, touching story told with no words.

LONE-ILLNESS 11’ Virginia Lerra Spain 2011

Loneliness is a feeling, a state of mind, with many questions and little answers.

EBONY SOCIETY 13’ Tammy Davis New Zealand 2011

Vinnie and his friend Jonah spend their nights on the streets of South Auckland tagging and stealing. One night Vinnie has had enough.

THE ROAD BACK 11’ Oleksandr Ratiy Ukraine 2012

Winner in National Competition at Molodist Film Festival 2013.

The story of a man who is born in the past century and millennium. In the city and state which are not on the map anymore. He always comes back in town in which there are only two maternity hospitals, two industrial plants and two cemeteries. What for / why?

NEW YEAR 6’ Thomas Hartmann Germany 2011

Three persons in a car. A New Year and an old problem.

RIGHT IN FRONT 5’ Alessio Lauria Italy 2011

Stefano doesn’t believe in miracles. Every morning he dips himself into the traffic of the Big City to go to work. Then, one evening, the impossible happens: Stefano finds a parking place right in front of his house. This miracle will change his life.

CURFEW 20’ Shawn Christensen USA 2012

Richie, a lonely depressive junkie, awaits death as blood trickles down his slit wrists, when the phone suddenly rings. It’s his estranged sister, desperately pleading with him to look after his nine-year old niece for a few hours.

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