Pure love

On Febкuary 13th at 7pm and 9pm in Lviv Art Palace we’ll watch films about the strongest feeling ever – love.

NOAH 17’ Walter Woodman Patrick Cederberg Canada 2013

In a story that plays out entirely on a teenager’s computer screen, Noah follows its eponymous protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behavior (and romance) in the digital age.

FIRST AID 16’ Yarden Karmin Israel 2010

A day before his wedding, Shai visits Tamar, his ex-girlfriend, for a tempestuous encounter prior to becoming established. Tamar leaves him a hickey, entangling the situation.

AU REVOIR 12’ Toni Barrena Spain 2011

A drive, memory, abstraction is not your story, not mine, just ours.

BETWEEN US 24’ Kateryna Gornostai Ukraine-Russia 2013

We remember the birthday dates of our loved ones, and we know what kind of tea they prefer, but we often forget the casual touch, a glimpse, unimportant conversation. Though in some cases, such as separation, all this things get imprinted in the memory.

HEARTLOCK 8′ Liz Murphy 2013

Sometimes with love, everything feels right – you feel compelled and drawn to another person, even though on paper it might not add up. Charlie is a 30 something dreamer – with a small lock embedded in her chest over her heart. George worships the ground she walks on, and on a cold winter night everything seems to fall into place – but will George be the right fit?

DOLLFACE 15’ Louise Paxton Great Britain 2013

‘DOLLFACE’ is a tense BLACK comedy about a young couple’s dinner date. Lilly has been seeing Henry for a while now, things are going really well and Lilly suspects that tonight Henry will declare his love for her. …But Henry Hot-Stuff has a far more unsettling confession; one that will test Lilly’s perception of… normality.

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