February 15, 7&9 pm, Lviv Art Palace

Earth-shaking films only!

Friends, we are back and proclaim our love to you and the world, presenting the original selection of short films. Love is all-consuming: inspirational or murderous, demanding or indifferent, love between the closest and distant ones, love is absolute. Different.

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THE TREEHOUSE 16’ Juan Sebastian Quebrada, Colombia, France, 2017

A fiery young couple may be as hot for each other as they are ill-suited. Bold and sexy, Treehouse is an astonishingly astute look at the stormy passions and knotty intensity that make some relationships alluring to the point of being unbearable.


GABBER LOVER 13′ Anna Cazenave Cambet, France 2016

2000’s, Nérac. Laurie and Mila (13) dance near by a lake in the forest. Mila is in love with Laurie and she wants to tell her.

A LOVE STORY 6’ Anushka Naanayakkara, UK, 2016

A tale about love faced with darkness.


NOTHING REALLY EVER ENDS 24′ Jakob Rørvik, Norway 2016

Ebba and Marius are in their late 20s and constantly fighting even though they love each other deeply. Every New Year’s Eve they try to break up. A melancholic comedy about love and dysfunction over the course of three years.

ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES 12′ Janne J. Vanhanen, Finland, 2017

The worst fears of a quiet farmer father come true as his teenage son has an accident with a girl. A quick trip to the pharmacy is needed to save the day. Everything doesn’t go as planned, however. A comedy about a culture of silence between parents and their children.


RESERVATION 14’ Wiktor Bojanowski, Poland, 2016

Antek and Julka have a date at the theatre. The girl is waiting for her boyfriend who is running late – he is riding a bike through the rain-covered streets of Krakow. The bell rings for the third time but Antek is still not there. He doesn’t know yet how unfortunate this evening will prove to him and how many adversities he will have to overcome to finally make his way to the theatre audience.

GENTLE MOMENTS 7’ Sabrina Mertens, Germany, 2017

A very personal encounter in a cuddle group. Jens is into closeness, Ute doesn’t want to feel lonely. She works at the Public employment agency while he is unemployed. Has this short term relationship a future?‘

Earth-shaking films only!


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