Pure Love 2020


LUNAR-ORBIT RENDEZVOUS 14’ Mélanie Charbonneau Canada 2018

A woman-tampon joins a man-astronaut on a road trip to the moon. Daniel is on a mission to scatter his mother’s ashes and Claude is hoping for her period to make a miraculous return. A modern tale that captures the fever dream of a first voyage to the moon.


WILDEBEEST 19′ Nicolas Keppens, Matthias Philips Belgium 2017

Going on a safari is a dream for many. For middle-aged couple Linda and Troyer, it turns into a horribly real adventure when they get left behind in the wilderness.


OPEN SPACES 23’ Thomas Elley Denmark 2018

There is 21 years in age between Freja and Albert who are forced to keep their romance secret from the small, but curious community on a remote Danish island.


SAIGON SUR MARNE 14’ Aude Ha Leplège Canada 2019

Between two household chores, an old couple tell their granddaughter their life story between Vietnam and France, during the war. Since their first meeting, when they were 20, till today, they describe all the main steps of their relationship, talking about the exile, the immigration, sometime with humor, sometime with serious.


SUMMER HIT 19′ Berthold Wahjudi Germany 2019

Laia from Spain and Emil from Iceland are enjoying their Erasmus semester in Munich. And while Laia feels perfectly fine just having sex with Emil, he professes his love to her – but Laia does not respond. And oops – there goes the easy-going summer fling. But one can’t go on without the other.


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