On April 21st in the green hall of Lviv Art Palace there’ll be a screening of the shorts films from one of the strongest cinema countries in the world – Poland. Tickets are available online or in anti cafe Communa (1 Halytska str).

Program of the evening

SURVEY ABOUT MEN 30′ Mateusz Glowacki Poland 2014

What do women want? This question has tormented men for a long time. The film offers an opportunity to find out about their expectations and dreams. Its characters, young, active and smart women take apart their ideas of contemporary men. They discuss relationships, expectations from partners and the intricacies of the female mentality, impossible to explore by the opposite sex.

THE DEAL Ewa Smuk Poland-UK 2015 

When you open an old book you get a whiff of more than its contents. There’s the smell of old times, the feel of the once familiar. This playful book page animation uses various techniques to make grandfather’s notes come alive. Practical tips on popular courting in the Polish-Byelorussian border region. We learn that the young people were too shy to talk for themselves, but that the rules were clear. How complicated the world is today.

ECHO 15′ Magnus von Horn Poland 2008

Two boys have murdered a young girl. Through crime reconstruction and meeting the family of the victim they now have to relive the brutal crime they committed and confront the feelings they felt and still feel.

BATHS 4′ Tomek Ducki Poland 2013

Two old swimmers meet at the public baths for their ritual swimming session. This time they are diving deeper than usual.

DZIEN BABCI 30′ Miłosz Sakowski Poland 2015

Tomek is working a ‘grandparent scam’. Everything’s going fine until an elderly woman suddenly exposes him and locks him in her apartment. She proposes a deal: he’ll get the money if he pretends to be her grandson when a social worker comes to visit…

BROKEN STONE 8′ Sebastian Weber Poland 2015

A couple is lost in the mountains, they try to find their way out of this labyrinth and overcome the obstacle that Nature has in store for them. They manage to find the way out and the way to each over.

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