Olha Raiter got accepted at SOFA

Director of Lviv Film Commission Olha Raiter got accepter and become one of eight participants of educational program SOFA (School of Film Agents). International workshop SOFA supports film professionals from different countries and helps them make their innovative ‘dream projects’ come true. The school will take place on August 21-30 in Wroclaw. Travel is supported by Goethe-Institute.

Olha Raiter will work developing project ‘Lviv Film Commission and Film Fund’. By the way Lviv Film Commission was founded this year as a first official commission in Ukraine. “The City of Lviv and region is an interesting and attractive location for shooting but still has no Film Location Guide and no Production guide yet. Our aim is to attract film productions to shoot in Lviv, promoting our city and make the economy work” says Olha Reiter. Personal mentor of Lviv Film Commission and Film Fund project is Tamara Tatishvili, one of the founder of Georgian National Film Center and current representative of Eurimages – European Cinema Support Fund.

SOFA Director, Nikolaj Nikitin, announced at 50th Film Festival Karlovy Vary  the names and projects of eight participants to take part in the third edition of the workshop initiative. Such projects dealing with the future of the  medium film in all its forms will play a decisive roll in film cultural development in these regions, especially in times of medial transformation. We are very pleased that six of the eight participating project proposals will be developed by women and, for the first time, Central Asia will be represented with a relevant project from Tajikistan.“

Olha Raiter is an executive director of Lviv Film Commission and Film Fund, she’s also a co-founder and CEO one of the most visible and active NGOs in audiovisual field in Ukraine Wiz-Art. She was born in beautiful and old city of Lviv, Western Ukraine. Starting from 2006 she was running a film club at the university, then following her passion to film co-founded Lviv International Short Film Festival in 2009. Curator and a producer, she’s an initiator of educational projects – Wiz-Art Film School and Lviv Film Meetings.

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