Norwegian Shorts

Nordland College of Art and Film presents the newest Norwegian short films in Ukraine.
The screenings will take place in Lviv on February 17th (Lviv Art Palace) and Kyiv on February 19-20 (Cinema “Zhovten”).

The program will be presented by young Norwegian director Torfinn Iversen.


A TALE OF BALLOONS 15’ – Torfinn Iversen (2009)

On the national day, a little boy wants to go see the parade with his mother.

PASSENGER 10’ – Sakaris Stora (2009)

Erik (25) works as a taxi-driver. He lives together with his girlfriend in the house he inherited from his deceased foster-parents. One day Erik discovers that his real father wants to meet him, but Erik does not want to see his father who never was there for him. However everything can happen when you work as a taxi-driver.

EN GARD 9’ – Viljar Osland (2010)

Gard does not have an easy life. He gets bullied at school, even beaten up. Gard’s brother tries to push him to stand up for himself. But the only thing that means something to Gard, is the cute girl Lisa. Will the violence conquer the longing of love?

LYCHNIS 12’ – Liv Karin Dahlstrøm (2009)

We meet Johannes two days before his 60th birthday. When he finds out what his wife is planning to give him as a present, he realizes he is on the difficult path towards old age.

A MORNINGBATH 1’ – Miriam Hansen, Marit Gunnes, Lydia Hauge Sølvberg, Martin Klim Kyllingmark (2009)

Early one morning a man dives into his own reflection. Down in the depths he find a fish. He cuts off the head of this fish, and it becomes his own. He gets dressed and leave the house.

FRØYS LEIK 8’ – Jørn Nyseth Ranum (2010)

Kеre is working on the viking museum, he is always deafeated in a battle by Leif in a play for tourists. Outside of work it takes a far more serious duel between those two. It is the fair lady serving at the local pub that they are fighting for. With weapons like currage, clarinet playing and red panties is a fierly duel who wins the princess.

SIMSALABIM 10’ – Aurora Langaas Gossø (2010)

A family is on a roadtrip in Lofoten and Tiril (7) is tired of listening to her parents arguing. She waves her magic wand and the car immediately breaks down. We follow the magician Tiril who is trying to reunite her parents through magic.

STANDING STRAIGHT 9’ – Martin Klim Kyllingmark (2010)

A young police officer is trapped in his own work. He wants to do the right thing, but in the process he fails a friend.

CIRCLES 9’ – Malin Kleiva (2010)

Cicrcles is about a young couples needs for intimacy in their relationship. A couple consists of two individual humans with each their own limits for what feels naturla, and how much space they want around themselves.

THE SVOLVÆR GOAT 13’ – Inge Wegge (2010)

The Svolvær goat was first climbed in 1910 with only some simple hemp ropes around their waist. Hundred years later, a late winter, three boys are climbing it again and the mountain shows its power and challenges.

We thank Åsne Hauge from Nordland filmschool ( for sending the films and all the materials and for helping and making the event possible!

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