New Zealand

TEN THOUSAND DAYS 17’ Michael Duignan  2011

Darby Duncan is convinced he will die on his Ten Thousandth Day. But when he meets Arabella at the funeral of his cousin, things don’t quite go to plan.

PREFERABLY BLUE 10’ Alan Dickson  2013

When two lonely holiday icons finally meet for the first time there is jealousy, ego and unresolved childhood issues.

DOUBLE HAPPY 15’  Shahir Daud 2010

Fifteen year old Rory carries a backpack filled with home made fireworks, a Polaroid camera and a pocket knife. Before the end of the day, he’ll use them all.

NOTHING  SPECIAL  11’ Helena Brooks 2005

Billy becomes the reluctant subject of worship when his delusional mother decides he is Jesus reincarnate.

CHOICE NIGHT 15’ Chris Dudman  2010

15-year old James has to make a choice: his new girlfriend or going to a strip club with his freinds? Torn between hormones, love and coolness, James has a hard time deciding.

SWEET AS 3’ Aya Tanimura 2010

Two competitive elderly ladies pit their grandsons against each other in a race to see who can visit the most countries.

THIS IS HER 11’ Katie Wolfe 2008 

As she watches her younger self in the throes of childbirth, Evie’s deliciously wry commentary reveals exactly what life has in store for her new baby daughter, her loving husband – and the six-year-old ‘bitch’ who will one day steal his affections and destroy Evie’s life.

HONK IF YOU’RE HORNY 11’ Joe Lonie 2013

An enigmatic young musician becomes the captive audience for a crusty old cab driver’s hilarious dirty story on the taxi ride from hell.

Duration 93 min.

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