New French Cinema

We will be glad to show you the best short films from the French festival Nouveaux Cinémas (Paris) on May 9th in Lviv Art Palace at 19:00 and 21:00. Whom do we become living in social networks? What do we need in order to find our soulmate? How to see the magic in ordinary things and what are the consequences of excessive creativity? – These are just some of the questions that try to be answered by directors of 11 films during 90 unforgettable minutes. Wiz-Art is grateful for support in creating this screening to Patrick Maus and Mariia Baraz (Paris). Watch trailer!



HAND TO HAND 17’ –  Julien Ralanto 2009
Raphaelle works in a gym. One night, on her way home, sheisattacked. This event profoundly changes the way she sees herself and her relationships with others: a youngwoman, facingmans’ violence, decides she no longer wants to be a woman…

POSTCARD 7’ – Stefan Le Lay 2010
A young man, who is living in a postcard in color, falls in love with a woman who is living in a postcard in black and white.


THEY ARE GOING TO LOVE EACH OTHER 5’ – Pauline Chabauty 2010
Emma and Marc sharply expose their marital issues.

KIDS’ GAME 3’ – Thibault Mombellet 2011
Two teenagers enter into a small game. A heads or tails performed with sensuality.

SIGHNS 3’ –Vincent Gallagher 2009
There is magic in what we see every day. Sometimes we just have to look hard enough.

JULIE & SES JULES 15’ – Fanny Jean-Noël 2010 
Once upon the time there was a charming girl who believed to have found her prince charming.

The story of Francis Cooper and his mother; Emily Maddison and that man’s face; and Craig MacKay and his cat.

ATOMIC FLOWERS 20’ – Anne Chartier 2010
During an audition where she is asked to tell an anecdote, Sophie, an actress, doesn’t know what to say.  Her enthusiasm gives way to a big confusion. Would her life be so deprived of interest?

FALLING 2’ – Dominique Rosher 2009
Two girls on top of the building are playing a dangerous game.

FACE WORLD 8’ – Gaby Ohayon 2010
Face World compares in a parodic way the real world and the virtual world through the tools of the social network “facebook . Welcome in the new version of facebook, welcome in the real world….

CREATIVE SUCCES 2’ – Maxim Kafi 2010
Young director, although very prolix, miss a little stand back on the interest and on the quality of his productions. But nothing seems to be able to divert him from his fate because he has his mother’s support…

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