MADE IN LVIV | Wiz-Art On Tour 2018

Short film – ia a form that allows you to respond to the actual questions of human coexistence quickly. What topics are raised by Lviv directors? What do the inhabitants of their city say? What is the dot on a map in the West of Ukraine like? What perversions conceal the facades of ancient houses?

After the show, we invite you for an informal discussion about the films.

The show is being implemented as part of the Wiz-Art on tour project. Changes through the cinema” with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of the Cultural Diplomacy for Dialogue Contest. The organizers and partners of the project are  – Wiz-Art formation, DRUZI free space in Konstantynivka and TЮ Platform in Mariupol.

GRACE 21′ Zhanna Ozirna Ukraine 2017
A young girl is looking for a change. But the old winter city can offer only the divine.

BLACK MOUNTAIN 18′ Taras Dron 2016
12-years old Yurko lives in far mountain village with his mother. Yurko’s father went to work abroad. The fight for father’s car becomes a story of growing up.

CONDENSED 7′ Kateryna Gornostai 2016
Explosion of the condensed milk on the kitchen stove — seems to be the worst thing that can happen. Even those who are responsible for its consequences don’t know what will be next. A small crash in a small apartment can be an occasion for something more…

ARDEA 11′ Maria Ponomarova 2016
Woman and man are running in the park. Both are loners, both are keeping their rhythm. Their ways are crossing, a rhythm became something more than a regular change of inhaling and exhaling. Running became a passion, a passion that can leave them out of breath.


FIRST JOB INTERVIEW 13’ Zhanna Ozirna Ukraine 2015
A girl rides a bicycle for first job interview in her life, but one car accident changes her plans for a day.

PRISONER 8′ Nazariy Shpilchak 2016
Because of his extraordinary abilities a boy are imprisoned. He tries to understand why people are so cruel to him. But maybe the reason is not in people.

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