Japanese Short Films

On February 26th at 7 and 9 pm at Lviv Art Palace we’ll watch short films from planet Japan.
Buy tickets online or in anti-cafe Communa (1 Halytska str.)

Supported by Short Shorts & Asia.

A WARM SPELL 25’ Toshimichi Saito Japan 2014

On a windy winter day in the Japanese countryside, people gather to attend a funeral, where they recover the sense of connection: between brothers, strangers, the bereaved and the deceased.

SERORI 15’ Pedro Collantes Japan 2014

There is always a first time for everything, even for celery.

IN A PIG’S EYE 10’ Atsushi Wada Japan 2010

There is a pig in front of the house. There are people in the house. Everyone knows about the pig, and the pig is aware of everyone, but none of them knows how and to what extent everyone else or the pig knows about each other. Mom doesn’t know about Dad, either…

CAN & SULOCHAN 14’  Mitsuyo Miyazaki Japan 2014

Suro-chan has moved to Japan and is having trouble getting used to life there. He can’t even talk to the woman living next door who he meets every day. Feeling lonelier and lonelier, one day meets “Kyan,” a talking vending machine, and his life starts to change.

A SOCCER STORY 12’ Liliana Sulzbach Japan 2014

A soccer team in Tokyo heads to Kozu Island to have a match with a local team in the Island. During the game, Kazu, a young player in Kozu Island, happens to play against his home town’s team. With all the folks’ watch, how will he perform in the game?

total duration: 79 min.

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