On November 7th at 7 pm and 9 pm we’ll watch short films from the end of the world – Ireland. Join facebook meeting, event.


LEARNING TO FISH 4’ Teemu Auersalo Ireland 2012

Johnny the urban seagull tries to figure out how to catch a fish in a story that looks at our relationship with food.

NIETZSCHE No.5 6′ Shaun O’Connor Ireland 2011

An arrogant young man tries to take a chatty hairdresser down a peg, but is shocked by her response.

DOWNPOUR 4′ Claire Dix Ireland 2011

This short film is a celebration of Irish rain. A bride-to-be recalls pivotal moments in her relationship that all took place in a shower a drizzle or a downpour.

FEAR OF FLYING  9′ Conor Finnegan Ireland 2012

A bird tries to avoid heading South for the winter.

THE POOL 12’ Thomas Hefferon Ireland 2012

A drama about three teenage boys who break into their school swimming pool one night in order to stage a macho breath holding contest.

ORIGIN 5′ James Stacey Ireland 2012

A young man is on the brink of emigration in James Stacey’s animated short Origin. But as he races through the streets of Dublin he comes to realise the spirit he is leaving behind.

BECOMING MEN 3′ Ross Killeen Ireland 2013

During a long hot summer in inner city Dublin, a man looks back on his own youth. Things haven’t changed much.

THE ANTI LOVE PILL 13’ Karl Argue Ireland 2013

A love-sick man searches for the cure for love.

TWO WHEELS GOOD 9’ Barry Gene Murphy Ireland 2012

Four inspiring veterans of the open road celebrate life in the saddle.

THE CRUSH 15′ Michael Creagh Ireland 2010

An 8 year old schoolboy is so besotted with his teacher that he challenges her boyfriend to a duel…to the death.

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